Food makes a really thoughtful gift, whether it's given as a hostess gift, as a favor at a baby shower or wedding, or displayed at a school bake sale. When comes to food packaging, different people may have different tastes. Here we provide some useful food packaging strategy for you. Come and browse our large selections of food packaging ideas now!
Homemade chocolate bark looks spectacular in cardboard take-out boxes or paper gift bag with a wire handle. Line the inside with colored tissue paper and separate your bark with layers of parchment paper. Close the box and if it's one with a wire handle, tie a ribbon made from fabric scraps for a beautiful display.
Treats like truffles and rum balls are classic festive offerings and with their uniform shape and size, they look especially beautiful when presented in small candy or cupcake liners - the more festive, the better. Place them in a single layer inside a paper cake box or recycled cookie tin and secure the lid with ribbon.  
Are you still using the paper plate tented with aluminum foil? Replace it and give your cookies in a beautiful rigid paper box instead. Look for pretty boxes at craft or party-planning stores where they often come in various shapes and colors. Line the bottom of the paper foldable box  with a layer of parchment or wax paper to avoid buttery cookies from seeping through.
More food packaging strategy is giving candy to your loved ones. Candy is a fun thing to give because it usually lasts longer than baked goods and is something the receiver can set out on their own coffee table for guests to dip into anytime. One way to gift homemade candy is to line a tin box with colored tissue paper and then add another lining of parchment or wax paper for your candy to sit on without sticking. Don't forget to secure the lid with decorative ribbon.
When giving out homemade spiced nuts, opt for clear mason jars which are inexpensive and make a nice statement as they allow your homemade treats to remain visible. Look for the jars at housewares and kitchen stores, or other places that carry canning supplies. You can decorate the top with a large cupcake liner. Scribble your message on the bottom of the liner and center it on top of the jar lid, with your message facing up.
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